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Elderlife Financial Solutions  1-888-228-4500

Access is a loan that acts like a line of credit. The loan can be used as a bridge to the Veteran’s Aid and Attendance benefit, give time to families to liquidate other assets such as CDs or stocks, or it can be used to help make a year to two years of senior living affordable with a family splitting the monthly payments over a five-year period. Elderlife Financial Solutions are available to seniors and non-seniors who are looking for simple financial options to help them pay for senior living.

American Association of Long-Term Care Insurance   818-597-3227
Most long-term policies sold today cover assisted living expenses, and over 1/3 of all long-term care insurance benefits paid out last year were for assisted living. If you already have an existing policy, long-term care insurance may be a viable financial solution for you and we would be happy to assist you in determining whether or not this is a good option for you. Please contact AALTCI if you are interested in purchasing a policy, have specific questions or would like additional assistance exploring this solution.

Life Care Funding  1-888-670-7773
Life Care Funding Group helps raise funds to pay for senior living housing and long-term care through a Life Settlement.  A Life Settlement is the sale of a life insurance policy while the owner is still alive, for a much greater amount than the cash surrender value paid by the life insurance company.  Liquidating a life insurance policy through a Life Settlement may be the option for you if you have outlived the purpose of a life insurance policy, believe that it is an underperforming asset, or have had a life event that requires liquidity. There are no upfront fees, no caps on the amount of money that can be raised, and no restrictions or requirements to be secured or paid back.

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